1 thought on “The Companion Site to “Feel Safe Follow Bliss”

  1. Thanks Ricia. These are amazing stories. I will sit now and try to get a sense of all the ways that fear was passed down in my family… covert and overt. It’s interesting to me that right before my father died he told me that if he could live his life over he wouldn’t worry about money so much. I remember he also told me that his father died young (in his fifties) because living through the depression had taken such a toll on him. “There is nothing on earth worse for a man than not being able to provide for his family.” That’s what my father said. And now, here I am, dealing with a lot of fear about money. Hmmmm. Isn’t that interesting. And yet my father seemed to far more relaxed than my mother. I always considered my father the breadwinner… the one who took care of us financially… and figured that all this happened naturally. Now I remember all of his sleepless night and the sleeping pills he became dependent on. Still he found peace later in life and wished the same for me. Legacy burdens… very interesting.


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