"Still Face" Video

here is the “Still Face” experiment, explained by Dr. Edward Tronick at U. Mass Boston.

Notice how quickly the little girl gets upset….

and notice how quickly she calms down again when her mother repairs the relationship…

18 thoughts on “"Still Face" Video

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  2. Isn’t something like this used in the assessment before Child Parent Psychotherapy? My former clinical supervisor went through the educator training for CPP, and I think I remember her talking about this.


  3. I thought it was interesting how fast the baby responded when the mother re-engaged with the baby. It really underlined for me how important it is to be responsive and not distracted when others are talking to me.


    • These days I’m not seeing clients because I’m trying to help even more people with a big jam-packed book to help people identify and heal from non-physically-assaultive, attachment-based Chronic Covert Trauma. The book is full of facts, ideas, exercises, and stories. Not the same as one-on-one, of course, but early bird readers say it’s helping them.

      If you are interested in being an early bird reader, I’m interested in exploring that possibility with you. You can let me know by posting here or direct email to Ricia (at) RiciaFleming.com


  4. Hello Ricia ! This video is “no longer available here”, just fyi.
    I do remember seeing this experiment before, and it probably was here. Yes, it was hard to see the baby getting so scared, and just for the sake of research. Luckily it was short lived experience in the research test. Not so, if occurs in real life… Aug 2022


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